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Living at the sea

Why living at the sea is good for us:

The closer people live to the sea, the healthier they tend to be. No wonder living by the sea is growing in popularity. Holidays at the sea is very good for your well beeing, but even permanent residents can see and feel a big difference. People who live at the coast are healthier.

People who live by the sea have better opportunities to be physically active. You can take long walks and go easily for a short swim in between. Also on the stress factor you can see a difference- you get more relaxed and can come down more easily. Accordingly after a visit at the sea people feel more calm and refreshed than if they recover in city parks or somewhere in the countryside.

Sun, salt water and wind : these factors make the climate near the sea so unique. At sea level there is a special climate. Experts call it the bracing climate. It is composed of the following factors: wind ,UV rays, salt, temperature and humidity. The marine aerosol contains salt water drops, which accumulate in the nose and throat area or penetrate into the pulmonary alveoli.

The salt mixture is also an irritant factor through which mucus resolves from the respiratory track and lets you breath deeper. In principe, the stay by the sea is like a "term inhalation".

But not only the sea air, the bathing in the water does as well. Sea water acts as a disinfectant and inflammation and relieves by its strong buoyancy forces on the body the pressure on the bones, which feels very pleasant, especially for rheumatic patients.

The combination of sun and sea baths make the immune system and the bones much stronger, because it stimulates the body’s vitamin D production. It can also help for skin diseases, such as psoriasis and white spot disease.

Sunlight provides Vitamin D. But the high sunlight in central and northern european you get only a short time in the summer. Since thousand of years light therapies for skin diseases, tuberculosis, depression, multiplesclerosis and more are used successfully. So why not just enjoy the winter months here with us in Portugal by the sea and live healthier?

The light, the heat, the landscpaes with their bright colors- in the algarve is all a source of energy. Use this to recharge your batteries. Take a deep breath and recharge your energy to create a new, green world to discover. The beauty of the landscape could take your breath away, but with such a pure air-it does not happen.

Give it a try - and start a life at the sea!


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