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Fishing in Portugal

Portugal offers many opportunities for Fishing!

Fishing is passion
It is the perfectleisure activity - absolutely unpredictable, so never boring. A mysterious connection in an invisible world - exciting and fascinating!

And here in sunny Portugal, there are so many possibilities:
Endless kilometers of coastline invite you to fish from the beach, from the cliffs or on a boat trip.

Because of Portugal's location on the Continental Shelf – an underwater land platform which extends to between 80 and 160 Km out to the Atlantic Ocean - there is a wide variety of fish! The large predatory fish such as shark and tuna come in to feed on the smaller fish that live in the shallower coastal waters. This means there are hundreds of types of marine fish including sardines, bream, bass, mackerel, blue fish, shark, tuna, sword fish, salmon bass and plaice.

As well lakes such as many large reservoirs provide great opportunities for bass fishing, fly fishing and carp, barbel, perch and pike can be caught here. Another place is the river. Portugal has many large and small rivers, which are in a fantastic natural environment. Sea bass, sea bream and breams are easy to catch here. The estuaries are rich in mullet, squid and sole. The many lagoons here in Portugal offer ideal conditions for sport fishing.

Often you can see the older, local fishermen – fishing is a big part of their life. These local fishermen going fishing without high-tech equipment. You gonna be amazed which great successes they have. Maybe it is only because of the fact, that the Atlantic Ocean is full of fish? The talisman of fishermen for centuries was a dog with the name Cão de Água” (water dog). One of their original jobs was herding fish into fishermen’s net. They have webbed feet, one of the reasons they are such good swimmers. Although the "water dogs" were replaced on the boats by modern technology, but sometimes you still can see this dogs.

The long coastline of Portugal and the excellent fishing in the surrounding waters favor the development of the fishing industry. Sardines, anchovies and tuna, along with other species such as cod from the North Atlantic, caught near the coast and make a major contribution to food supply represents. The fishing industry has grown rapidly in the last years and the products are exported all over the world!

You have never fished before and you dont know how to fish? Just try it! Here in the Algarve you can book a deep sea fishing trip and then you will see if you like the feeling of "having the catch of the day". Or just sit next to one of those portugues fishermen and he will show you why this is passion!

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