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Exercise is good for your health

The algarve- best place for excercising!
Wether swimming, walking, cycling or running- who is exercising-remains physically and mentally fit.
The air from the sea is good for your respiratory and gernerally it is so much easier to do something when the sun is shining and in beautiful surroundings.

Movement is the lifeblood of people
Your body shows encouraging fast. With the first activities already the body gets used to it- the heart works more economical and the muscles become more efficient.

Mental effects of exercise include reduced anxiety, stress and depression. Sports and physical activity can reduce the occurrence and severity of these conditions. Exercise can lower blood pressure and reduce your risk of stroke or heart attack. Besides protecting your heart and mind, exercise can also fight off disease. Regular participation in sports and physical activity throughout your life reduces your risk of more than 40 chronic conditions, such as diabetes and osteoporosis! Once we are active, the cerebral circulation is stronger by up to 30 percent. After two days of moving the blood increases the concentration of a messenger of their connection - promotes the growth of nerve cells. After one year, the learning and memory center in the head increased by two percent. Initial studies raise the hope that sports can delay age-related dementia. Exercise helps encourage maintenance of a healthy weight. Daily activity through sports and fitness programs help your body burn calories and fat.

Here in the Algarve there are many ways to be physically active:
Cycling, walking and running
The expansive beach is ideal at low tide for a beach run, a different perspective and at the same time a varied cross-training provides the path on the cliffs. The hinter land is also wonderful for cycling and hiking.

Surfing, Kitesurfing and Windsurfing
For those who want to learn it, there are courses and for those who already know how it works – go for it! There are many different beaches and great spots for surfers.

Diving, golfing, kayaking, SUP, swimming and much more. There is no excuse for anybody!
If you prefer to do exercise at the beach-no problem. There are so many different beach games. Everyone knows volleyball and beach ball-but there is more !
And the best: The conditions in the algarve are unique to be active- with pleasant temperatures all year round.
Exercise is good for everyone and makes us happy!


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